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I am currently looking for full-time/salaried employment.

I am available for work on projects to help individuals get ideas off the ground and onto the web.


10 years Web Design 5 years Procedural PHP/MySQL, 1 year primary focus on increasing website rankings (SEO) 2 years primary focus on E-Commerce, email marketing, user interface design/user experience
Previously salaried PHP Developer in an E-Commerce department specializing in marketing products through print and web to an older demographic. Familiar with A/B Testing.

Developed a mobile based app for Canton based music venue. Patrons are able to request songs for the DJ to play during their dance nights. Programmed an admin section to update status changes as songs are played or postponed.

Familiarity with WordPress and other CMS's, but typically prefer custom code.
User Experience if very important to me, both on a desktop/laptop and mobile devices, which comes with it's own usage challenges. If something simple like filling out a form is too difficult on a mobile device, a company can lose sales AND customers because the time and thought wasn't put into simplifying the process. I also try to build with users that have vision impairments and dated technology in mind.

As a Web Designer I feel it is important to test web sites and applications across multiple browsers, OS's and devices (mobile, tablet, large displays). I like learning new design and programming practices and languages in addition to my Intermediate skills in HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL, and increasing learning of JavaScript (jQuery). Although I have minimal exposure to AJAX, I am currently enrolled in online classes for JavaScript and AJAX.

Over the last year, one of my main focuses have been mobile site design, and more importantly, responsive web design. I find it very practical to code a site once for viewing correctly across multiple devices (iPad, Tablets, smart-phones, desktop).

I have experience integrating websites with 3rd party shopping carts and developing custom shopping carts and checkout procedures(, Mal's, Paypal, Foxycart). I have designed log-in functionality, admin sections, user information and edit pages and news/articles add/edit pages for websites and have implemented graph/charts and sortable tables for better display of data.

Skill & Expertise

PHP MySQL Database Design HTML CSS
E-commerce Web Application Design Web Design
Social Media User Experience and Interface
Logo/Graphic Design Videography/Video Editing

Familiar with both Mac and Windows Development Environments.

Experience building and configuring apache web servers(Win) for testing and production.

Some experience with linux and IIS web servers.


To Use Git/GitHub/Bitbucket without reference.

Continue using/learning SaSS/LESS, Preprossing and minification(js/css).

Continue Developing HTML5 mobile Sites and Apps

Tackle Ruby on Rails


Junior Interactive Developer/PHP Programmer • Cleveland, OH

April 2013 - December 2013 (8 months)

  • Created websites based on wireframes, Adobe Fireworks docs, sitemaps and customer specs.
  • Built custom modules for Client CMS
  • Learned new design and code practices to help reduce build time and produce cleaner code.
  • Worked on projects with Javascript(jQuery & Prototype), Google Maps API, Twitter/Facebook API/Site Integration,

PHP Programmer • Arthur Middleton • Canton, OH

October 2011 - April 2013 (1 year 5 months, continued in a consulting role, maintain previous projects)

  • Develop Shopping Cart and Checkout procedures to collect information for ECommerce, Marketing Tracking and other analytic information, some of which is used in future marketing strategies.
  • Working in a 2-3 person team (along with ad writers and graphic designers), increased company sales share through department from 4.2% to 12%-15% per month (average), and at times reaching 20% in a slowing economy.
  • Generated $5,080 in sales (over 6 months) by developing code and process to give customers 'Store Credit' to use on an online store, subtly encouraging them to purchase above credit offered. Most Items between $20 and $100.
  • Collaborate with departments to produce marketing, promotion/sales Email Blasts, Affiliate Ads and AdWords Campaigns.
  • Develop strategies to minimize code-base, reuse code, and creating a template system to create web projects quicker and more efficiently.

Majority of customers were of an older demographic. I take this and User Experience into consideration when designing new projects. I spend extra time and care on forms in trying to create the simplest way for the user, to collect information needed. I added scripts that auto populate City/State when user enters Zip Code and auto Credit Card Type selection based on Credit Card Number. I also re-display entered information upon user errors and failed page submits.

I utilize PHP on pages to control pricing based on current promotions, prices pulled from database, and Shopping Carts/Checkout procedure developed by me. (I also have a built admin backend sections.)

Freelance Designer/Programmer

April 2009 - Present (4 years)

Canton Dance Club Song Request App used for dance night. Allows customers to request song from their cell phone.
[Auricle Dance Demo] [Auricle Dance Admin Demo]-(username:1 password:1)

[] [] [] [] (all same project. Created an admin section to update News/Events)
[] - Band I used to be in.
[] - Freelance. Unfinished project due to delays by company.
[] - Freelance, Sports Bar

Note: Erie Street Pub and Ohio Metal Spray are all owned by the same person.

SEO Web Developer • Cole Industries, Inc. • Akron, OH

February 2011 - October 2011 (9 months), (Currently working on freelance project for previous Cole owner, as PLX Industries)

  • Developed websites using HTML/CSS for promotional and clean-room products.
  • Developed sites with Search Engine Optimization techniques using suggested practices from Google and other SEO publications.
  • Updated existing sites to comply with new design standards and increases accessibility.
  • Managed over 100 domain names and monitored server up-time.

Web/Ad Designer • Buzzbin Magazine • Massillon, OH

October 2009 - April 2011 (1 year 7 months)

  • Maintained coding and graphics for company website and responsible for coding new modules to implement into site.
  • Produced informative and attractive Magazine Ads for clients.
  • Authored Tech/Movie articles for a monthly Entertainment Magazine(20,000 distributed per month) and Web.
[] - only articles of mine are still on site. They have updated designs a few times since my departure. Friends with owner.

Web Application Developer • Black Creek Solutions • Green, OH

October 2009 - May 2010 (8 months) (Freelance, short contract job. Good standing with owner.)

  • Helped develop a golf club manufacturer and legal news websites with HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, some exposure to Object Oriented Programming and MVC architecture pattern.

Web Application Developer • Logic Partners, Inc. • Fairlawn, OH

April 2008 - April 2009 (1 year) (Buckeye Mountain currently)

  • Upgraded existing code and created new modules for Repair & Tracking Web Application for the Railroad Industry.
  • Introduced to Linux OS hosting and testing environment (terminal commands) and took on responsibilities maintaining copies of code using Subversion Version Control and ensuring daily database backups.

[] (did not build site, but great explaination of software I had the privelidge of helping develop for a short time.)

Web Application Developer • Busson Portrait Directories • Barberton, OH

April 2005 - August 2009 (4 years 5 months) (Out of business, purchased by Olan Mills, but owner still operates a sister business, and I have contact info of my Manager and Co. Owner)

  • Designed company website and web applications used by company's customers using HTML, PHP CSS and MySQL.
  • Created Web Applications to replace tasks to save time and money for multiple departments, such as an Online Directory Proofing System, template system for creating custom picture directories and an Online Photography Scheduling System to sign church members up for photography sessions.
  • Developed a promotional campaign for the online services used and distributed by sales representatives.
  • Introduced to Web Standards and implemented into projects to help enforce a positive user experience.
[] (did not build site, at least not this version, Sister Company)


Buckeye Career Center • New Philadelphia, OH

  • Electronic Communications and Video Technology
  • 1 year Cisco Network Training
  • 4.0 GPA, Student of the Month (Senior Year)
  • Member of: VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America)

Strasburg High School
Strasburg, OH

  • Computers/Typing
  • Journalism


  • Cleveland Web Standards Association (attended monthly meetups in the past)
  • Canton Software Craftsmanship (currently attend random monthly meetups)

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